Toll Manufacturing | Toll Blending

For over 60 years, Therm-O-Rock East has serviced numerous markets as a blender of proprietary formulations. We have maintained a strict policy of not competing with any of our customers.

Customer formulations are maintained in a secure database. Upon receipt, raw materials are verified and labeled by our Quality Assurance personnel. Silos are available to receive raw material via truck or rail.

Blended products are inspected by Quality Assurance before being packaged. Mixes can range up to ten tons, depending on the bulk density of the product.

Toll Manufacturing & Custom Blending

We offer both batch blending and continuous blending operations. During the packaging process, the products are given a final inspection by Quality Assurance.

Custom & Contract Packaging

Packages range in size and type. Plastic and paper bags, open mouth or valve type bags may range in size from 2 to 65 pounds. Bulk bags range in size from 500 to 3000 pounds.