Horticultural Mixes

Therm-O-Rock East produces a line of high quality soilless growing media under the brand name “PRIME GRO”.

Private label horticultural blends and packaging are also available. Prime Gro is available under three general purpose horticultural mixes:
We also will custom blend horticultural mixes to meet specific needs. We do not produce to inventory but to order. That insures the freshness of every order that is shipped.

  • Peat light
  • Peat bark
  • Peat wool

All of our horticultural mixes are checked using our in-house Quality Assurance program as well as outside recognized labs to insure our quality.

Our soilless horticultural mixes are available in two and three cubic foot plastic bags as well as 60 and 75 cubic foot bulk bags.

Our high quality horticultural perlite and vermiculite are available to ship with the soilless mixes; making us a one stop source.

Prime Gro (All Grades), Peatwool (I and II) Safety Data Sheet (SDS)